Attraction is Faux Husky’s (our very own Jack Gordon) debut track.


Jack: The writing of this song took place over the summer of 2018 and throughout this time I was inspired heavily by dream pop, synth led music and cloud rap producers. This song encapsulated my emotional connection to the word attraction - what it means and conversely, what it does not mean to me. I would watch the work force of London flock to the nearest watering hole on my commute home and associated this want, this lusting, to an attraction. This less conventional form of viewing it was the catalyst for my initial ideas on a music video and was used in conversations with Louis early on in the storyboard process.

Louis: The track has an undeniable angelic quality and a sense of a greater perspective. Me and Jack personified this as an extraterrestrial presence (aided by his nostalgic use of synths). With references like Little Shop of Horrors, it wasn’t long before a quirky idea to use old school vending machine toys, became a deep dive of research into alien worship cults. I fell in love with the beautiful yet sinister aesthetic of German cult Fiat Lux and specifically the late Uriella.