Premiered in the Independent.

At Slog Films we are lifelong West Ham fans. Due to the current political situation at the club, we collaborated with Hammers United, a supporters club, to capture a fading spirit.


West Ham United, a club known for its unprecedented support, are in a total identity crisis. GSB (David Gold, David Sullivan and Karen Brady) have come under fire since the move to the ‘soulless bowl’ but more so recently due to a very real relegation battle.

Paul (Bubbles) Colborne has supported the club for over 50 years and is known as a legend around the West Ham fanbase after his pitch invasion stunt in 2018 during a chaotic match against Burnley. Two years later and things only looking worse, Hammers United (headed up by Paul) organised a march on the London stadium with one message ‘GSB out’.

No longer recognising this club as their own, the film ‘Hammers United’ captures the fans attempts to hold on to a dwindling soul. They do this by no longer going to the games that are ‘full of away fans in home supporter seats’, but instead watch the game from a local community centre where they enjoy an extinct West Ham community.