Studio Alch hosted their Men’s Autumn/Winter 2020 show at Nike’s Basketball Courts in South London. Using the impressive location, we crafted their campaign and runway films. Our DoP Toby Leary was also the lighting designer of the show.


Toby: We wanted to keep to lighting true to the environment we were in, it's not every day you host a catwalk show at a Nike basketball court. Notoriously gyms and indoor sports facilities have awful lighting (especially for filming purposes!) and so it was figuring out what was the next best thing. We chose to light the court in a 'flood' light style, the same lighting you'd use for an outdoor night time game.

With the use of some HMI Lights (2x M18 for backlights & 2x 575w for the front lights), we lit the main court and had them aim down the middle and hit at the turnaround point at the end. This gave the models a hard edge light from both sides, as well as being correctly front-lit for the clothing. We also played with some Astera Tubes dotted around the stands for the audience and added a fade down effect for when the show started. Needless to say a smooth operation...